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A Community of Women Who Race Bikes

Salty Women get muddy, race hard and support each other. We are a team that honors effort and hard work over podium placement. And we're always up for a post-race beverage. 

Our team races a full cyclocross season, local mountain bike races and gravel throughout the US. We have a practice cx course in York, Maine and we offer scheduled training rides. Our cross season has mechanical support, and team tent. We hope to offer support for some of our other off road adventures.

We are a community team, supported by our favorite locally owned businesses and bike shops, all of whom offer our team members discounts and unrivaled support.

We plan to offer clinics and training to help other women make the leap from riding bikes to racing bikes. Stay tuned!

Want to learn more? Check out our schedule and stop by for a chat. Or reach out via email with any questions.


1. Trust their team mates and listen to their needs.
2. Are respectful of personal and physical boundaries.
3. Honor the language an individual chooses for themselves. No monitoring of identities.
4. Believe that cyclists are simply people who ride bikes. 
5. Welcome all people who identify as women and want to race their bikes.

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